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Am I dying???

Ok so I'm completely freaked out and afraid to go to sleep right now.

I've had a minor head cold since Saturday, so I'm a little stuffed up, sneezy, exhausted, etc.

Tonight I threw caution to the wind and went to a concert anyway. Danced, sang, you know the drill. I got home and starting singing and dancing to myself, and my body made the WEIRDEST NOISE EVER. I've never heard anything like this. When I put my arms up like goddess pose in yoga and sort of...bend at the waist, lowering my arms back and forth (it's a weird dance move, I know, I LIVE ALONE), my lungs wheeze. The sound is scaring the shit out of me. And my nose is so stuffed up that it's hard to breathe through my nose, and I have completely convinced myself that there is something wrong with my lungs and I'm going to stop breathing in my sleep. I'm completely freaked out.


Am I completely overreacting? Should I just go to sleep? There aren't any urgent cares open...does this really warrant a trip to the ER? I'm a generally healthy 30 year old with no history of health issues...but it's a SERIOUSLY WEIRD NOISE.


Update: Managed to get a hold of a doctor friend and he talked me off the ledge. He thinks it's actually that my eustatian tubes are full of fluid and that's what's making the weird noise. I'm going to cross my fingers and try to go sleep... Thanks, everyone, for the input! I'm grateful. :) And I'm going to head to a clinic first thing in the morning if it's still happening.

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