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Am I evil for this? (Update)

So, my mom has this long term friend. Our families have been connected for several years, and really only recently disbanded after I started being full time.

This friend is offensively transphobic and homophobic, but justifies it with scripture.


Somehow, she says that she isn’t homophobic or transphobic, just that she lives by the exact words of the Bible. And the Bible says the gays and the men who dress like women are abominations....K

So yesterday, my mom asked if I could pick her up tonight and bring her to my mom as they are going to a party.

My gut reaction is “oh heck no!” but then I stopped. This woman has been indirectly throwing insults at me from day 1. She says I dress like an “old woman” and that I look like a guy in a dress. There are other things she claims other people have said about me. I don’t appreciate false rumours being spread about me.

The interesting thing is, while she is so willing to talk this stuff straight to your face, behind your back, and to other people; she will not do it if you’re doing her a favour. Especially if that favour is driving her somewhere. She will be quiet and not complain. She knows she will end up walking if she complains (that’s happened to her before).


I took my mom up on her request. I was going to dress super lazy today, but I decided to dress super cute today. I’m wearing my most supportive bra, a decently low-cut shirt, and the best yoga pants in the wurrrrld.

I mean, I’m not doing this out of spite, but to show her that I clearly do not look like the rumours she’s spreading about me. She was part of the reason it took my mom 3 months to even think about looking at me. She is going to feel incredibly uncomfortable, but ha, I’m her only way there!


Game on!


She did seem mildly uncomfortable, but the ride went uneventful. She did seem really taken aback by my appearance. Guess I look cuter than what everyone has been saying.


Later on that night, I was instructed to pick her daughter up from her job. She hasn't seen the new me either. Last night was the first time she was legitimately nice to me in at least 8 years. Not sarcastically, not because she was being forced to; but she seems actually nice...which actually made me feel uncomfortable! What a twist!

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