I've been feeling like shit at work for a long time, and I've been prone to headaches for most of my life. I know my grandma gets migraines a lot. I know these headaches are worsened by bright, especially fluorescent light and monitor screens, they last for days at a time sometimes, they often make me nauseated, they come and go really randomly, and they're often accompanied by a sore throat, which sometimes makes me think I'm coming down with something but then the sore throat will go away when the headache does. I know lying down in a quiet place with little light usually helps my head. All of these kind of seem like migraine symptoms, except the sore throat part. Does that happen to anyone else? How do I manage these things at work? I wish I could work from home, but that's not really an option right now. I used to be in a position where I had a lot of freedom to fuck off at work if I felt terrible, but now I'm more closely watched so that's not really possible. My position is creative and I have to write things every week, but it's really hard to write when I feel like this. I'm trying to figure out how to cope. Any advice?