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So....I checked out the latest Ask A Clean Person (it's shared on the Jez main page. I'm having a lot of trouble linking to anything from my work comp. Or adding pictures/gifs...gahh).

Anyway, one of her points about sheet cleaning starts like this:
"Blood: Blood on the sheets happens, whether due to a bloody nose, cracked skin, a scratched-off scab, or the presence of a lady with wildly fluctuating emotions."

I've beent trying to figure out how that last part was supposed to read and I've only figured out 2 options.
Either A) Oh ladies—once a month they just turn into bloody sobbing messes, often staining the sheets with their untampered blood flow...good thing all they're good for is cleaning anyway! LOL MENSES...........or way less likely B) Oh ladies—so crazy, you tell 'em to shut up during the game and all of a sudden they stab you with the same knife they just used to make you a sandwich!


Is there another way to read this line that I'm not getting? Like a totally normal, not-sexist-at-all way? It just sounds like something that would erupt from the mouth hole of an MRA troll, which I doubt Jolie is. It was originally posted to Deadspin though, so maybe she was playing to her audience a bit?

To be fair, I've been dealing with a lot of such MRA trolls today so I may be hypersensitive.

ETA: I didn't notice originally that this was shared from Deadspin and made this comment there but quickly retracted it because I just can't handle another MRA troll today.

ETA2: I get that it's A, I only threw in B to indicate that the only other alternative I can imagine is still sexist.

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