Yesterday, one of my fifth graders raised her hand in class and asked me where my earrings were. I wasn't wearing earrings, and told her so. She then wanted to know why I wasn't wearing any. Because I just didn't feel like putting any in that day. She was clearly coming up with another question, but all of the girls around her started whispering to her to stop being so racist.

Well, color me confused. Huh? I am a self-professed Clueless White Person (TM) so I know that my position of privilege often means that I don't see the subtle racism around me every day, although I'm working on it and GT has helped with that immeasurably. But earrings? Are earrings something I need to be aware of? Jewelry in general? My googling of earrings and racism was not fruitful (No fruit for Shiny), so I turn to you, Hivemind.