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Am I overreacting?

So I left my phone at home today while I went to work. I work very close to my home. I also live with my parents.

I get home and I have 12 missed calls, 10 of them from my parents. 5 voicemails. They ask me to call and "check in" once I get to work, but seriously? 10 CALLS?


So when I see this, I asked them (I didn't cuss at them when I asked, of course) why in the world of common sense do they feel the need to call me so many damn times. I'm grown (22+) and working and now am basically the breadwinner in the house (for reasons that will remain hidden due to anonymity). They basically "asserted their parental authority" and try to said I have to call them every time I go somewhere. So I'm like "do you want me to do this when I move out" and they said, in the most matter of fact "shouldn't you know this already" tone: "yeah!". Hell to the no.

I am so pissed and sick of being infantilized and just treated like I'm a damn child. I already feel silly enough living at their house...I am ashamed and feel like I should be completely independent and doing better with myself. Don't fucking make it worse by smothering me. That shit is fucking annoying. I'm trying to be nice about it, but this is too much. I'm have resolved to do my own thing and not be tethered to a leash by them, and if they get mad, so the fuck what. Because they are driving me insane with this shit.

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