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Welcome To The Bitchery

Am I overreacting?

Every single time Monsieur Bananas and I go out to a restaurant, servers always ask us if we're paying separately. It will be just the two of us for breakfast or dinner (occasionally lunch) and without fail, servers always ask if it we need two bills. Is this normal? I've never been a server, so I honestly don't know, but it bothers me so much. I think I'm just being overly sensitive to the perception that white guys don't date brown girls because people have made so many comments about "not dating brown girls" and like pointing out how it "must be so hard for my family to accept him" (??? No, it's actually his family that's had a hard time). It makes me feel like people look at us and think that we don't "belong" together. I know that two people going out for food doesn't necessarily indicate a romantic relationship, but it's usually pretty obvious, no? Is this something other couples have experienced too? Am I overreacting?


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