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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Am I overreacting about this cat?!

I live on the top floor of a house, and my landlord and his family occupy the main floor and the basement of the house. My landlord has two indoor/outdoor cats, although I almost never see one of them because it's rather skittish. The other one I see quite often on the front porch (I have to walk past the porch to get to the stairs that lead to my floor). To me, a cat on a front porch by the door is the international cat signal for, "I want to be let in." It seems the past few weeks, the one cat has been on the porch for hours at a time. I'll leave to go to work or whatever, and several hours later it will still be there. I guess it wouldn't be too much of a problem, but we're experiencing a heat wave right now with outside temperatures in the low 90s and beyond. The porch is concrete, and I'm worried the poor thing is going to get heatstroke or dehydrated. I felt really bad for it today, and gave it a bowl of water, which it promptly started drinking. Is the cat okay and this is no big deal, or should I tell my landlord his cat is always on the porch?


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