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So you guys this guy I am dating's birthday is soon, and he is richer than me and has exacting tastes and he basically just buys the super cool things he wants whenever he wants them and that's usually great, but his birthday is coming up and I was freaking out.

BUT THEN he started growing a beard and he likes it and I like it and he is getting lots of positive feedback on it so he thinks he will keep it, and I feel like waiting so long to get a present has paid off, because this week old beard gave me a present idea.


I got him a proper beard trimmer with like adjustable whatevers and also some rad beard oil, which is a thing apparently that cool bearded dues use. It apparently smells really good and I am excited for that because then I can smell his face all the time.

I thought it was a good idea but maybe it is a lame idea? I still have two days to get a different present if you guys think it's lame?

Anyway please let me know what your opinion is because so far this relationship is him being really considerate and nice and helping me out when I am coming apart because of my own stupidity, and me being a drunkard who cries when my impossible demands aren't met (once I cried because I demanded a million kisses and he had to break it to drunk me that that wasn't mathematically possible at 2am when we had to go home). So I would like to get him a nice present.

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