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Am I the only one.. Commiseration OT

Am I the only one who is just shit at buying things?

We ordered this fancy mattress online and though it is absolutely fancy, it just feels too hard for me. I’m used to a soft mattress and although I technically know this should be better for me, I just can’t get comfortable on it. (it just feels too firm, not like I’m getting the right support and it doesn’t help me fall asleep in the slightest)

So we went to Ikea and picked out a different mattress we both liked. “Oh no, not that one” said the salesguy “that one really gets brought back very often, it slumps in the middle” so he pointed us to a spring mattress and an extra latex thing for on top of it. We get it delivered.. And it’s rock hard! We spent a week on it before giving up and getting all kinds of complaints (even boobieguy who actually likes the fancy mattress).


I feel like I do this a lot. I want new clothes, see something online, get it home and end up hating it. I doubt myself soooo much. And/or I have the worst of luck.

How do I find a mattress that is soft enough for my delicate precious princess disposition?!? Gawd I’m so picky.

Feel free to add your own “am I the only one”’s..

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