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Illustration for article titled Am I the only one who sees this as two parenting fails?

Person one says her son can't/won't do chores that don't interest him.

Person two says that that's why you give allowances.

I'm sure I sound like an old lady, but when I was growing up, we did chores because we had to. Everyone had to help keep the household running. I got an allowance at times*, but it had nothing to do with paying me to do normal day-to-day work. There was no choice in that matter. I know I grumbled a lot, and procrastinated when I thought I could get away with it, but if I was told to do dishes, I did them (albeit after whining that I'd done them the night before, and it HAD to be my brother's turn).


*My allowance was all about teaching me to budget. I got $5.00 a week, and had to bank 50%, donate 10%, and could spend the remaining $2.00.

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