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More than ever before, I am starting to just fucking wig out when someone starts talking political points that are HORRIBLE. Like, today, we had this monthly meeting with some people I never see otherwise, and a couple of them started talking about their support for Donald Trump (out of nowhere)! We later talked about how one of them had to fire an employee and they needed to do some stuff with unemployment, and they were laughing like “YEAH STOP LIVING OFF THE GOVERNMENT, STUPID MORON EMPLOYEE!” Jesus christ, unemployment insurance is not welfare you goddamn idiots. Then they joked about how you can’t say anything anymore because it offends everyone and what has the world come to. Oh, this is also right after I pointed out something was racist/culturally appropriated (the context being, we cannot endorse this as a company).

I almost started hyperventilating I got so mad after the unemployment comment! I also knew my views are in the majority in that crowd, so it was a couple loudmouths assuming we all agree with them. We all just nodded and stayed silent but I’m pretty sure I was the only one having a mental shitfit. We, unlike these fuckface girls, don’t think we need to start mouthing political beliefs out in the middle of an irrelevant meeting. What do I know? I only exercise professionalism and common decency.

So, the broad issue is, I am worried I am turning into my mother in law, who is very liberal but basically shares angry liberal memes all day on Facebook and is impossible to have a conversation with. I don’t want to become this belligerent political yelling machine. I am accustomed to being the only liberal in a room - been that way my whole life - and only in the past month have I started to just fucking lose my patience.


I am a master at debating people in real-time but I know it has the potential to fuck up relationships so I stay quiet. I wanted so badly to shut them down, but debating in a setting where it’s not actually intended is only going to provide consequences.

My husband and I decided that if Supreme Court doesn’t strike down Texas’s abortion law (whenever that case comes up - I can’t remember), we are going to pursue leaving the country. I never thought I’d be one of those people but I am just getting worn out. I feel absurd just typing this.

PS. One of the aforementioned meeting-goers has been nonstop asking the company to host a fundraiser “for Paris” and when our manager asked specifically what organization or who she wanted to donate to (because I’m sure she didn’t mean refugess), she said THE MILITARY.

ETA: Oh, I forgot I have weed. Maybe I won’t move out of the country.

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