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Am I wrong?

I'm pretty pissed. Maybe I've got it wrong, but I don't think so.

Just got done with an harassment in the work place meeting at work. We got to the topic of reporting sexual harassment. Within the framework of an institution like a university where I work I understand the university needs to be aware and take action and I'm totally more than down with that.

Then the presenter asked if outside an institution you have an obligation to tell the police. I was the only student worker at the meeting and the only one saying that any response to an unfortunate situation is valid. I argued that if a friend confided in me about sexual harrassment or assault and asked me not to tell anyone I wouldn't because that is a valid response with valid concerns about that situation. Everyone else disagreed. I get talked down to a lot because I'm the only student worker in my division (even though I'm totally fucking capable and do good work) and I'm getting so much shit for that statement. I'd also like to say that most of the guys there were old bearded janitors who aren't to progressive. I've heard plenty of sexist shit out of all their mouths.


Unless maybe I've got it wrong. Do I have it wrong?

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