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It is rumored that ICE will start raids tomorrow in many metropolitan areas. The below link includes a list of things to do if ICE approaches you or if you witness something.

The rumors also suggest that they do not care if they sweep up people who are here legally - so protect yourselves and spread the word.

Remember - diversity makes America great. Immigrants make America great. Many of our own families came here as immigrants — and even if they came here legally, many would have done ANYTHING to come to the US, even if it wasn’t legal. People who are here illegally are just trying to make better lives for their families. We all would likely do the same thing if we were in their shoes.


On a more positive note- am headed to Minneapolis for the first time - yay! Any recs are welcome (esp veggie friendly recs)!

This is your AM OT - so talk about whatever you wish!

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