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AM OT (and Buster update)

What’s on your vagenda this lovely Tue., GT?

Right now, I’m sitting on my butt, drinking my coffee. I have to go into work today (NOOOOOO) but only for a few hours, so that’s ok... I guess. ;)


I have book club tonight, which should be good. We’re going to a local gourmet taco place. Yum! And talking Virginia Woolf. Yay!

Buster is feeling lots, lots better after his impromptu amputation the other day. :( Yesterday, he only needed 2 of the 3 pain meds planned, he’s purring and playful again. He even got so rowdy with Boo this morning that he had to have a time out. So, yeah... feeling lots better, lol.

We still have to be very careful of his tail, of course. That means making sure we don’t touch it or step on it but, also, keeping him away from things when he’s playing or happy, as he’ll wag his tail and whack it into walls or furniture which hurts and has the potential to open his tail back up.

He has an appointment with his regular vet next week, to check up on his incision, etc. But it’s nice to see him feeling better! Now if we could just get that fur to grow back faster on his rat tail, lol. ;)

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