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AM OT and Scary Book Club Winner!

Good morning (afternoon or evening, depending on where you are)! How the heck are ya?

I have to tell you guys, last night and Friday night, I had the best sleep I’ve had in a while—it’s been so nice to sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed.


Also, I have a blueberry scone waiting for me for breakfast. :D Sunday’s looking pretty good, so far.

Anyway, I also wanted to announce our Scary Book Club Winner! With a 3 vote lead, our winner is...

Drumroll, please...


I’m so excited! If you haven’t read it before, you’ll love it, I can pretty much guarantee.

Also, there’s a movie in the works right now, so you can read the book before the movie comes out.


Even if you’re not normally a reader, please try this book—I teach it and tons of my students have said, I didn’t think I liked reading, but this book made me think maybe I am a reader! It’s suh good. :)

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