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Welcome To The Bitchery

This is fascinating to me. GQ interviewed Brandon Bryant.

PTSD and the military are of great interest to me. It's such a stigma to admit to any sort of mental illness in the military or government (maybe less so presently), that on top of having a struggle with PTSD, many veterans also struggle with no support. For those who don't know, my ex had a pretty fucked-up military job, had a complete mental break, and the person I knew just plain no longer exists. At all. When he came back from being overseas, they were given the answers for their psych evaluations. One peer asked "but what if you think you have PTSD?" The answer he was given was "you don't."


People are of course being dicks, and "how could you take so many lives," which yes, is hard to think about as a civilian. That was his job in the military, and he no longer does it. I am against the war, and am against the use of drones, but I'm not going to demonize this man, for reasons too complicated to put in an intro!

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