it's Friday, it's Group Drink/Smoke/Kink time, so I figure this is the best time to do an AMA about me and my life, so you know which dark overlord is looking after your comments. Many, many thanks to the ever wonderful and badass Zap for this idea!

Only a few caveats:

1. I will disclose celebrities I know, but no, any personal info beyond that is off limits.


2. No personal information about family members under 18, or those that would potentially compromise careers (lots of teachers in the family).

3 free reign to ask about all of my medical issues, but please understand that certain questions that pertain to details of my death/rebirth and the most violent aspects of my illness may be met with "I cannot discuss this." Having a flashback online is...not pleasant.

Other than that, ASK AWAY! My nick name in college was "The Adventure", so there is plenty to tell.

Happy Friday!