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Resharing for the evening crowd if there are any more questions - I am perhaps having a little too much fun discussing this and have zip desire to work.

This is a paradox that seems to flummox pretty much everyone I come into contact with.

I'll never forget when kids on the playground asked me what church my family went to on Sunday, and my puzzled reply being, "Huh? We eat omelettes." They were just as confused. Then they all drifted away and no one would really be my friend. Then one kid finally said, "I can't play with you because you're not baptized."


Or being fired from my first job, when I was 16, when the Fundamentalist Christian owners found out that, not only did I not go to church, but horror of horrors, I wasn't even baptized.

The time I went to England to study the life and writing of Thomas More for a summer and it wasn't until we were getting ready to board, and the professor leading the class said, "OK kids! Now let's all get in a circle and pray for a safe flight!" that I realized, Oh dear jeebus...I have to study an entire summer with a Catholic university.

That same trip, two weeks later, trying to tell a professor quietly about why I did not feel comfortable going to church...and the entire bus going dead silent right at the height of my frustration at his inability to understand my discomfort, when I shouted, "I'M AN ATHEIST."

My second year of college, when I worked for the A/V department and was assigned to deliver materials to Elie Weisel's graduate class about the nature of faith and forgiveness. Mind blowing.


Meeting the Captain and being completely bewildered that someone I really liked, someone who was really smart, cool, funny, and loved science was...Catholic? Does not compute.

Going to church for the first time, of my own free will, and ready to bolt at any second, but instead was riveted to my seat.


Finally realizing that, even if the Captain and I broke up, I would still go to church. That's when I entered RCIA.

My lead RCIA instructor forcing my family to receive blessings during Easter Vigil, despite expressly telling her that it would disrespectful to their beliefs and make them uncomfortable.


An extremely vivid religious experience that happened when I hung in limbo between life and death for the first week or so of my trauma.

My mom, right before I was about to walk down the aisle of the church where I had been baptized, saying to me, "I'll never believe that you became Catholic for yourself. You did it for [the Captain]."



That's a seriously brief overview of what my life has been like, and of course there are dozens of stories of how I got to this point, why I believe what I believe, how I approach my interactions with people regarding faith and God, and what it's like for me, my family, and our conflicting views now. So ask me anything!

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