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AMA with Jennifer Toof AKA “Toastee” from VH1’s ‘Flavor of Love'

Ask and you shall receive! In the comments, feel free to ask me any questions about reality television, the particular shows I appeared on, pseudo-celebrity life, my regular life, anything! I have no idea how many questions I'll get, but I promise I will try to respond to everyone who asks something (as long as they are respectful). While I am a very fast typist, I'd like to give each question the attention it deserves, so please give me some time to think about my answers and write them up!

Some background about me:

I appeared on the VH1 shows "Flavor of Love", "Charm School" and "I Love Money", where I was given the nickname "Toastee".


I studied psychology/psychopharmacology at Northeastern University. I just graduated from Villanova University with my state certification as a drug and alcohol counselor. I always knew I wanted to work in psychology, but after I lost my boyfriend to a drug overdose in 2009, I felt a calling to the field of addiction counseling.

I love modeling/acting, but that has always been more of a pastime than a career for me. I started modeling professionally in college. This led me to open up my own modeling agency in order to help other young women (and some men!) of all shapes and sizes find safe and reliable work. It was through modeling/acting that I got involved with the VH1 shows.

My goal was never to become famous. I was young and I didn't fully comprehend what I was getting myself into. Not everything about my time in the spotlight was positive, but all in all, the shows were a fun experience that granted me a lot of amazing opportunities. I try to use any recognition I have to bring attention to the causes I support, namely the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. That is a big reason why I'm doing this AMA, so I can give it another shout-out!

Currently, I live in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia (where I am from originally) with my wonderful boyfriend and my adorable puppy. I am looking for a job as a counselor, but I continue to take on modeling/acting/hosting work that appeals to me. I consider myself a (fairly) normal girl who was lucky enough to be on a few TV shows. I have a great family: my father is a physician and the smartest person I know; my mother owns a small zoo (which was featured on 2 "Where Are They Now?" VH1 hometown specials) and is the most kindhearted person I know; my brothers & sisters & cousins are all the cat's pajamas, and I have the best friends in the world. I'm so grateful for all the support and love they have shown me.


I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Jessica Coen and Jezebel/GroupThink for publishing my post about Bands4RAINN/Sexual Violence Awareness Week! It's so important to draw attention to this great cause, so as I watched the page views rise and rise, my spirits rose sky high as well! Another HUGE thanks to everyone who read it and to all the people who left kind comments underneath! I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you haven't yet, please check it out- http://groupthink.jezebel.com/toastee-from-vh1s-flavor-of-love-wants-to-talk-abo-1525988106 and share/tweet it to everyone you know! Also, please consider making a donation towards Sexual Violence Awareness Week here- http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wareagles4rainn-svaw . You will receive a Bands4RAINN wristband with your donation of $5 or more, and, if you are interested, I will send out an autographed photo to anyone who does so. You all are the best!!!


One last thing: I neither want nor expect everyone to like me. The only thing I ask is that you don't prejudge me by what you've seen on TV (or by a general belief that anyone on reality TV must be vapid and trashy... plenty of them are, but not all of them!). Please keep an open mind and realize that there's often much more to a person than what is shown on a reality television program. You may know me as "Toastee", but right now you're meeting Jennifer. (curtsies)

You can get to know me even better by following me on Facebook ("Jennifer Toof") and Twitter (@OfficialToastee). I was way late to the Twitter scene and haven't used it that much, so I'm in desperate need of more followers. I promise to be more active on there!


OK, I'm done blabbering. So here's your chance: Ask me anything!

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