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True crime documentaries are one of my guilty pleasures so of course I had to watch. It was a good documentary, although I think it did bother me that it was less about the facts, and more about a lot of editorializing - although there is a lot to have opinions about here.

And opinions?

I have them.

Strong ones.

The documentary put everything into a cohesive timeline, which was helpful, because as someone that’s followed the case since it started, I got really confused somewhere along the way - it doesn’t help that the media put out a ton of misinformation in the very beginning, which the documentary does a good job of going into. Basically, it’s obvious at this point that the likelihood of Amanda Knox or her boyfriend having anything to do with the murder is extremely small. Not zero, necessarily, but there is more than reasonable doubt here.


I’m posting about this case on Groupthink too because of the gender politics present in the case. I don’t think you need to be a social justice warrior to recognize that the way the media and prosecution treated ‘Foxy Knoxy’ was outright sexist. Amanda Knox was convicted (twice!) more or less based on slut-shaming. This becomes super obvious during the interviews of the lead prosecutor, Guiliano Mignini, and a British journalist who covered the case, Nick Pisa.

You guys, I just can’t with these two. Capital letter CAN’T. Like, I’m not an aggressive person but I wanted to reach through the screen and punch both of them in the face. Repeatedly.

Let’s start with Mr. Guiliano Mignini, who at the very least seems to think that he’s doing the right thing - helping people find justice, blah blah blah. Of course, he’s a completely delusional narcissist who compares Amanda Knox to Meredith Kercher as a literal slut/saint dichotomy, labeling Amanda Knox as someone with ‘loose morals’. His entire theory is some basic slut-shaming, fear-female-sexuality Catholic BULLSHIT that he hides behind circumstantial evidence as he likens himself to Sherlock Holmes.

(Yes, Sherlock Homes. I am not being facetious - he does that in the documentary. While also talking about how Holmes’ deduction is all about circumstantial evidence, only solidifying that he is not that smart of a guy. I mean, really? Really? Holmes’ method was basically forensic science before there WAS forensic science.)


But I think I might actually dislike Nick Pisa more. Because Nick Pisa knows what he’s doing. He understands the gender politics present in the situation and uses it to his advantage. Furthermore, he knows that he’s not helping anyone except his bottom line. So when he does things like spread the nickname ‘Foxy Knoxy’ or publish her diary with accounts of the men she’s dated, he knows that it’s getting him what he wants because it appeals to slut-shaming and a fear of female sexuality that will get him the $$$.

Basically, Amanda Knox is innocent (most likely probably) and these dudes are gross and the documentary is okay and you should watch it maybe if you’re not prone to rage-stroke. And that’s all I’ve got.


ETA: If you’re morbidly curious, the prosecution’s theory is basically that Amanda was having an orgy and Meredith chastised her so Amanda told the two guys to rape her and then Amanda slit her throat. There is pretty much nothing to base this on as it is a fairy-tale where the moral is sluts are bad and gross.

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