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Amazing Coincidences

The words "blessed" and "miracle" bother me to the nth degree when I hear them in relation to tragedies. For example, the plane crash this past weekend from which everyone but two teen girls escaped (the last time I checked, at least). Some survivors/witnesses said it was a "miracle" that more people weren't hurt and the passengers that survived were "blessed."

It makes me SO MAD. First of all, it assumes that the people who were not so lucky were not blessed. This was no miracle for the surviving family and friends of the two young women who died. What kind of arrogance must you possess to believe that you were any more special than the other people who didn't survive? And I hear that shit all the time. You are not blessed. It was not a miracle. You are lucky, and by some stroke of chance (or action undertaken by you or someone else) you are alive. Even if you believe that some kind of higher power exists, it's a pretty fucking heady thing to say that you're blessed by that higher power over someone else who had a life, family, friends, and dreams.

The reason I'm thinking about this is because on my way back to work from my lunch break today I became suddenly paranoid that leaving my laptop on my bed would somehow start a fire and I'd lose all of my shit and I'd have to stay at the job I'm giving notice at today. I almost turned onto the intersection near my house in front of a tan little two-door, but at the last minute I doubled back and went back to my house to move my laptop.


SO I'm on my way back to work, laughing at my own idiocy, when all the traffic comes to a stop and the little tan car is totaled on the side of the road while a big-ass pickup truck sits in the middle of the street. No one was hurt, and the drivers were directing traffic around the accident (impressively, in my opinion) but I was freaking out. That car could have been me but because I am a hypochondriac about everything I avoided having my car totaled.

I know there are a million factors at work here, like they could have been going faster/slower than me, or they could have been the cause of the accident due to texting, whatever, but I feel so lucky right now. I feel really bad for the people involved because they now have to deal with a bunch of expenses and insurance issues but I feel like for once my dumbassery has paid off.

Does anyone else have stories that make your face go all Keanu?


(ETA, thank you for everyone who helped me out on my other GT post about my job/dude situation.)

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