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Amazing Docu-series on comedy in developing countries

I've been hearing Hasan Minhaj on a few podcasts lately promoting his PBS series Stand Up Planet, where he travels to Mumbai and Johannesburg to meet with local comedians and find out how comedy is growing and addressing real issues in these areas.

First off, it's hilarious! Minhaj in an excellent guide, and he manages to give an honest fish out of water experience without painting it with an American savior brush. It's amazing and refreshing to see someone like Aditi Mittal address women's issues in India in her set, when so often the what we only see stateside are really grim news snippets. It's also incredibly interesting to see just how and what the comedy audiences react to in different countries. Hard truths about women's rights, racism, sanitation conditions, safe sex and AIDS are all tackled with humor in a way they just can't be by anyone but those who experience life greatly affected by it.


And frankly, it's just really fun to see POC doing comedy to an audience that gets them.

The whole series can be seen here.

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