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Amazing feeling.

I just need to say how absolutely great it feels to be honest for once about how I felt with someone. I dated this guy for three months and he basically ruined it all by saying terrible things to me and begging for me to be his friend. I saw him on my way to work last month and he waved, but I completely ignored him even though he was behind me the entire ride. He texted me last night (!) asking me if I saw him last month. I said yes, I saw you. He asked why I didn't wave and I told him it's because he's a rude asshole who doesn't deserve my attention because he shouldn't treat me or any other girl the way he treated me. All he had was a sad face at that point. Blocked his number. Felt good instead of doing my typical lie of "Oh, I didn't notice it was you!" And all he had was a sad face. I should have stopped short so he would have to pay to fix my car or something. Jerk.


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