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Amazon Surprise Sweets: Push In Case of Emergency

I think Amazon has figured out a good use for their silly dash buttons.

I got an invite email to purchase a Prime Dash button a couple of weeks ago for Amazon Surprise Sweets, which is sort of like an on-demand subscription box of treats. Typically I wouldn’t bother, but after reading a couple of reviews I decided to go ahead and spend the $5 for a button. After all, my job is getting increasingly busy again and an emergency treat box sounds like an awesome idea when I’ve been working non-stop.


The first box order credits back the $5 and every box after is $18, which is a lot if comparing to gas station candy, but these are small business fancy treats so the money is worth it for what you get. It shows up on Prime’s 2-day schedule, but honestly, it would be way better if it utilized Prime Now’s instant delivery.

I pushed the button on Monday afternoon, and by the time I got home Thursday, I got my box. I didn’t open it until yesterday because I wanted to dig through it with my person. This was maybe a small mistake because we had just come back from a food festival, and were only halfway through a massive bag of caramel corn we were sharing.

So here’s what I got (sorry for the crappy pictures, I’m lazy):


The box comes with a description from every company along with a blurb about the item. Some of it is fun to read. (see: goat milk caramels.)


Alright, let’s go down the line by item:

Grey Ghost Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies


I don’t know what I was expecting with this cookie, but I think based on the sugar crystals on top and the fact that it was delivered in a box I expected it to be more crumbly like a Chips Ahoy. It is, but it’s also soft and pillowy. How did they do that? The description says it has crushed pecans in it, I was a little disappointed it didn’t have more pecan flavor.

Island Treasures Gourmet Vanilla Rum Cake


Three immediate reactions:

1) Holy cow, this is a moist cake! It melted in my mouth!

2) It’s really tasty, kinda light and fruity.

3) All I can taste now is SWEET SWEET SWEET!

Big Picture Farm Raspberry Rhubarb Caramels


I love these caramels. They are incredibly soft, and the flavor of it is like having just the tasty raspberry part in the middle of a raspberry crumble. The goat milk didn’t make much of a flavor difference, it was just a really good caramel.

The Crispery Rainbow Sprinkles Crispy Cake


Just look at how much of this is marshmallow to cereal!


This thing is massive. Like the size of my hand. I felt like I had to unhinge my jaw in order to take a bite. I thought it was going to be an absolute sugar bomb like the rum cake, but I was surprised at how mild it actually tasted. It was still sweet, but not tooth-achingly so. Plus, look at them sprinkles. It’s like childhood in a marshmallow blob.

Overall I think I’d push the button again. I can have a steady stream of surprises just show up at my door. Amazon should really start applying this on-demand subscription style to other boxes, I’d be into it.

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