Have we talked about this yet? I've been away*.

On the surface, it has three things that I really don't like about trans narratives in media:

1) 'Trans' pun in the title.

2) Trans woman played by cis dude.

3) Older trans woman/family crisis story (this one is more of a personal thing, I just don't relate to these stories).


However, fuck this was a well done show. I really hope it gets picked up. The characters are flawed and self-involved, but well written and acted enough that you're immediately drawn into their lives. There's also a scene with a trans support group that I swear I could have been to.

I can also forgive the fact that she's played by a cis dude because he's a really good actor, he really brings her to life and honestly it takes awhile for hormones to really take effect, especially in older transitioners, so the look is pretty much right in this case.


Even though I don't directly relate to the main character's narrative, she feels like people that I've known and I'm interested in her, not just because she's a representation of trans women on screen, but as a character in her own right.

Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? It's free to watch now on Amazon and if it gets picked up, I think the first three episodes will be free and the rest will be available to Prime members.


*I'm writing this kind of quickly and jetlag has been killing me, so I might not respond to a lot of the comments, but I'm curious to read them.