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Today in the saga of iroqdemic’s body is trying to kill her: I have a crick/pain in my neck and left shoulder. Like, one of those where it is obviously from the big knot in my shoulder, but will take two days of heating pad to go away. I had it less hurty by the time I went to bed last night, but I woke up at 2:30 am with it hurting something fierce and I could not turn my head. Ungh. So slept with my head on the heating pad, fitfully, and managed to loosen it up enough to get to work.

The fun bit- it is on my left side. I am left-handed. So I had to switch my mouse to the right side because controlling the mouse with my hurt side is no bueno.

I used to be truly ambidextrous with the mouse- I could do either hand. I am now a bit rusty, I have discovered this morning. Everything feels backwards!


SO- long story short (TOO LATE) that got me thinking about being a lefty in a righty world. I can use the mouse with either hand, the 3 chords I know on the guitar I learned playing right-handed, and I use right-handed scissors. That’s it. Everything else- writing, bowling, throwing, golfing- I do left-handed. I have tried to write with my right hand. In high school I broke the my radius and ulna (the two lower arm bones) in my left arm, they managed to snap them back in place without pins or screws, so I had a giant plaster cast basically covering my arm from wrist to armpit, with a 90 degree bend in the middle. I tried to write with my right hand my first day back in class for like 20 minutes. Then figured out how to plop my cast on the desktop and use my right hand to move the paper as I wrote with my left. That’s how much I CANNOT write with my right hand.

My paternal grandmother was ambidextrous- she could basically do everything with either hand. My dad’s brother was a leftie, so that’s where I got it from.

SO WHAT ABOUT YOU? How many lefties are out there? Anyone quasi or actually ambidextrous? Anyone have any stories of left-handers being forced to use the right hand from back in the day? (I had a boss once who grew up in the 30's in Australia. He was forced to learn to write with his right hand. His writing was atrocious). Lefties- what is the made for right-hander product that drives you nuts?

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