Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

First of all, sorry, I've been away for a bit (again), however I'm headed to the land of the free for the Christmas season, I'll be flying out of Oz and a few of you have expressed interest in certain Australian snacks and foods, if anyone wants to put in an order for something small, cheap and easily portable (and most importantly - legal - kangaroos are out I'm afraid) I'm more than happy to bring them over and pop them in the post when I'm there. So if you have a hankering for Tim Tams, boost bars et al, do let me know.

Second of all, I'm headed to Nashville, and then LA, I've never been to those part of the states so does anyone have any advice for things that are a must see/do?


Thirdly, I've tried to find out what the best pay as you go SIM card deal is out there at the moment and I'm really struggling. Last time I was there T-Mobile offering a $1 per day deal which was awesome! Does anyone have any idea if there's anything out there like that? I have an iPhone 5 so compatibility shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks in advance!

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