So how come your TV shows aren't???

So for those who missed my posts last week, I'm in NYC for the first time from Australia, and I was posting things that blew my mind. I haven't posted in a while because I've been touristing (though I missed the Guggenheim TWICE this week because I was caught up in other things).

Anyway I finally have a second and holy crap New York has people from EVERYWHERE. And people look like all kinds of people!!!

I can't believe any show set here would have an all white cast. I thought I got the fuss over girls - I was imagining a diversity similar to Australia, but this is is SO DIFFERENT!!!

Australia has like, a bunch of white people, a small amount of indigenous people who are marginalised because colonialism sucks ass, a sprinkling of urban Asian and Middle Eastern migrants, and a pinch of recent African migrants from countries like the Sudan or Sierra Leone.

But this place is INSANE!!!! PEOPLE! Everywhere! From everywhere! Looking all different and awesome!


It's awesome, but it makes me angry at every American TV show I love.