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American Apparel inception

First post after posting privileges, and probably for the best, since Kinja has kicked my ass.

Okay, so today I was shopping skirts at AA and was shocked to come across this new model.


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote American Apparel and asked them to include more diversity in their models. Specifically, darker-skinned Black and Asian models. America is diverse and I know New York is diverse, so they have no excuse.

Being the vain heif I am, I sent them a couple of pictures of myself as an example. I didn't think anything would come of it (angry letters are a way of life for me.) So I was shocked, really shocked, when I saw this model with my hair, my skin and my features staring back at me. It was an uncanny moment.

I know AA has had a checkered past with womens' issues (to say the least.) Even so, I was heartened to see that they could take a customer complaint and act on it. If only it were so easy with Congress.

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