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American Gods

In addition to Wonder Woman (see, infra, the post titled OMGWTFBBQWW!!!!1111!), 2017 is blessing us with American Gods.

If you haven’t read the book, you should probably go do so immediately. It is Neil Gaiman’s best work (aside from Sandman). In the midst of Making the White House White Again and the absolute disaster that is Hollywood, I’m so relieved that they properly cast Shadow. It was astounding to me that many friends I have who read American Gods never even considered the possibility that Shadow wasn’t white, which not only points to their insular privilege but also to the fact that perhaps their reading comprehension isn’t so good. It’s a pivotal part of the identity of a man we really don’t know much about.


Also, (spoiler alert for those who haven’t read it, the rest of this sentence is a spoiler): It looks like they’re keeping the Bilquis consuming a man with her vagina scene, which is . . . awesome.

AND she wasn’t cast as a white woman, either. Turns out if you put in even a modicum of effort, it is possible to find talented actors who don’t all mysteriously happen to be white!

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