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I've had my share of suspense shows. The X-Files, which I need to binge watch (Jose Chung's From Outer Space is my jam.) The old-school Twilight Zone (Rod Sterling is my man.) True Detective (It's all my jam. Carcosa.) However, American Gothic is giving me a Gary Cole fix.

I really don't give a shit about any of the other characters besides Gary Cole. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what's going on, except there's a weird kid is who is probably inbred, and someone got iced. I'm only on episode four, give me a break.


Gary Cole is playing The Very Very Bad Man With Ghost Shit And Stuff.

The same Gary Cole from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at law. Mandatory theme music. God I miss that show.


Other things Gary Cole has been in:

  • For My Daughter's Honor, as Creepy Male Stalker Of A High School Student.
  • The afore mentioned Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law as Harvey Birdman. Co-starring some nobody named Stephan Colbert. And Paget Brewster, who was in Criminal Minds as the best profiler. STFU Team Spencer.
  • Pineapple Express as The Guy Who Was Probably The Bad Guy According To My Memory And Wikipedia.
  • An Officer and a Murderer which I think I saw, wherein he plays the serial killer and all around fucked up dude, Russell Williams. Guess who Gary stars as? Russell Williams. Duh.
  • Law & Order SVU. Episode: Brotherhood. As a lawyer with a scumbag son. Stabler era, so you know it's legit.
  • Office Space. Yeah...
  • Archer and 30 Rock, but whatever.

Conclusion: Gary Cole, the man who both haunts, and makes, your dreams wonderful.

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