I just had the first episode of AHS: Coven partially spoiled for me on the mainpage - don't read the article about the Glee tribute if you're waiting to watch it (like me), the quick blurb on AHS is right under it in typical gossip-summary fashion.

Question for people who have seen it, but please don't spoil further for me/anyone else that hasn't seen it yet? If possible? If that isn't possible, let me know and I'll change the title of this post!

Is that scene... considering where we are (GT!), I hope you know which one I mean... done well? Is it necessary? I have a bit of a trigger when it comes to that stuff, but when it's done well and it's necessary and it is somewhat accurate in its portrayal, it can be very powerful. (ex. Top of the Lake!) I have been dying to watch this show, but if it's tasteless/unnecessary/exploitative, I'm not sure if I want to watch it.

Just wondering if it's shamelessly using that type of violence as another shock-value thing, or it's used the way it should be - what do you guys think of it?