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Last night I watched first 30 minutes of AI, Parks and Recreation then CNN 60's British Invasion.

The singing difference between AI auditions and the 60s documentary were huge. I do think Harry Connick is fairly miserable and I suspect he will explode with some contestant this season probably during a live show. He seems to have an inner Simon Cowell which is about to be released.

If you love music you have to watch that CNN documentary. Wow. The show started with essentially the first time a Beatles album was played on the air, it was "I Want To Hold Your Hand". The music clips were fantastic. Youtube The Animals wow what a voice the lead singer had.


It also explained the influence Rolling Stones had from the American Blues genre and how they helped move the American Blues singers to a larger community.

It was strange in 1964/65 all these British bands wore suits and ties but at the end of the decade they wore psychadelic and casual clothes. Kind of the end of rock and roll to the birth of rock.

Also one commentator was Susanna Hoffs she was it seemed the only female commentator. Michelle Phillips from the Mamas and Papas also spoke but a tiny clip. It was a focus of all men in the British Invasion and on bands.

Still it was well worth watching. American Idol is horrible so far, I do think Connick will explode, he seemed last night forcing himself to recommend singers. He did not look to pleased. I recall him coaching last season and berating a contestant for not understanding what a song meant. I doubt he will tolerate that this season as a judge.

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