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Welcome To The Bitchery
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American Idol is losing us oldsters

There was a time when AI had songs that all folks were familiar with especially us oldsters. A Barry Manilow, Motown, Billy Joel, Broadway etc theme nights. Now its like Home themes and its all new songs. My mother's friend who got us to watch the show has now dropped it, last night may have been my last night. Not one song was familiar to me nor my mother. If the theme is akin to this weeks I am skipping it. Also the singers are kinda dull. Meuse, the piano singer and Majesty were the top 3.

Harry Connick looks like he is in pain listening and I think harsher in a way then Simon Cowell. Simon was over the top in his criticism, Connick is very professional, specific and seems personally sad and offended when the singer isn't up to his standards. Oddly Keith sometimes says the same thing as Harry but doesn't get the boos. Harry is far tougher to please then Cowell ever was. I think Harry liked 2 singers but still had criticisms for them.


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