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Welcome To The Bitchery

This was on PBS. It was really interesting. I was familiar with her work but not her life. She let.a fascinating life.

I loved the parts when her son talked about her. It was obvious he was in awe of her but still thought of her as just his mom. One interesting part was his utter bitterness to Pearl Bailey. In the 1950s the director and producer both wanted Maya to understudy for Pearl Bailey. Bailey said no and she did not want someone ugly being her understudy. This job meant Maya could stay in one place with her son for a year with a steady job. Years later Pearl wanted Maya to present her with an award. Maya’s son was so bitter when he said his mother did present the award and said nothing.


One part either I misunderstood or it was intended that way. Maya after she was raped as a child then  told her older brother who was 9. The man who did this went to jail for a night and when he was released he was later found dead kicked to death. Maya said nothing for five years. It appeared to imply it may have been the brother who killed the rapist. Didanyone else think this.

She talked a lot about her brother when they were kids then he seemed to have vanished. Anyone know what happened to him?

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