Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Did anyone watch this show? It was amazing. The clips of his acts were funny and his clips of him dancing and singing were jaw dropping. The segments where he talked about racism in Hollywood and towards him where he performed were blunt and candid. One thinks “oh that was then” but you realize it’s still there.

YouTube him as performers go he was unique. He mentioned a chilling story about in his acts he imitated people like Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis etc and at the start of him putting it into his act his father said he would kill him if he did it again. His father argued that a “black man” must never imitate a white person. Sammy Davis obviously ignored his father. One point of the imitations was flipping the script of old minstrel shows where white performers used black face

and pretended they were African American, it was utterly racist the minstrel shows.


I will post more in the future. Politics and age of Trump is utterly depressing me I am even dreaming of his tweets. There is simply no worse nightmare. I have also been busy. 

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