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Preferably in photo or video form! I was born in Ohio but raised in Canada from the wee age of ten weeks old. I am, by all accounts, Canadian. I watch hockey, eat poutine semi-regularly and a man with a beard in a plaid shirt (axe optional) makes me hot.

BUT! I still identify as American. Because reasons. But mostly because nothing pisses off a righteous Canadian spouting off about how horrible Americans are quite like point blank telling them that you are, in fact, American and you have yet to kill someone with a semi-automatic rifle that you keep under your pillow because 'MERICA.

SO. I would like to proudly show my American-ness (Americanity?) by spamming all of my Canadian facebook friends on July 4th with patriotic propaganda. Anything you have to donate to this effort would be greatly appreciated, and I promise to write about all the Canadian rednecks (THEY EXIST) who complain about my posts.

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