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American Pickers tonight give me a break spoilers







Ok..This episode.

A few seasons back Mike and Frank spent 26,500 dollars on a truly beat up car. https://m.facebook.com/307958899423/p… The video is embedded on this page.


So in that episode Mike said he would bring back the car so the husband can take a drive in. Ok that looked completely questionable.

Fast forward to tonights episode. Mike and Frank spent 10 thousand to get it fixed. As seen in the video it looked bad.


For 10g I would express no rust, yup lots as my mother said “it looks much better but still its so rusty”. For 10g I would expect the least it could do is drive 600 miles to the original owner. The husband had died so Mike was going to show it to the widow. Nope the guy fixing it who pocketed the 10g handed them a fire extinguisher and said he doubted it would go 600 miles. Sorry do not care if was 80 years old I expect it to run at least for this distance.

Sure enough Mike and Danielle went on a 600 mile road trip back to the Dakotas with the car. Frank was with Mike’s brother picking. Sure enough car kept breaking down.


So.they make it 600 miles. I thought the widow may not be home. Sure enough she was. My mother thought she knew they were coming considering how she was dressed.

Of course they drove 600 miles barely made it now they have a return trip of 600 miles.


So lets see 26.5 for the car 1 grand to ship it to be repaired 10g for repairs. Time spent going the 600 miles that costs. Plus the risk of it completely breaking down thus even more money in repairs. My mother thinks it will be shipped to their store so that’s another thousand. The car value with repairs prior to trip was 45 thousand. I suspect with that trip some minor fine tuning at least needs to be done so another grand. So thats 39.5 at least. A max profit of 5.5 grand not bad but that trip costs minimum 2 grand plus their time,.he cannot pick and she helps run Mike and Franks shop and owns a boutique.

By taking that trip it was a gamble that nothing bad would happen including a complete breakdown thus pushing the profit to less then 0.


As my mother amd I said “give me a break”.

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