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American Slavery How Much Did Teachers Teach You In K to 12?

An interesting article about how little it is taught that students learn well essentially an outline.

It made me think in the 70s through first half of 80s how much I was taught. Now this is New England Catholic school systems and were lily white both in students and faculty. For nuns and brothers (religious brothers) vast majority were descendents of the Quebec settlers.


Back to what I learnt was essentially very little. I remember we were taught slavery was bad (naturally) and slaves were brought from Africa, families broken up and sold to slave owners. We were also taught slavery was a contributing factor to the Civil War.

Oddly in grade school nuns spent more time how Romans kept Christians as slaves, how the slaves were fed to lions and were gladiators. That these slaves were true heroes and martyrs for chosing slavery over renouncing their faith.


There is something screwed up about this. American slaves could not renounce their skin color for one thing. I am not sure if the nuns were doing an equivelency or they just wanted to discuss Roman slaves. In retrospect something is off here.

What did you learn?

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