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American Taliban Strikes Again, Wants to Sue Homosexuality Itself

According to this article on The New Civil Rights Movement, Tea Party Unity founder Rick Scarborough wants to bring a class action lawsuit to court against homosexuality. I think this is an excellent addition to the ongoing conversation about whether or not the Tea Party is a religious extremist movement, because Rick Scarborough describes himself as a "Christocrat". I bet he's lots of fun at parties.

“Peter,” Scarborough said, “the whole issue of a class action lawsuit, you and I have talked about this a little bit. I just wonder if you’ve explored that, talked to anyone about it. Obviously, statistically now even the Centers for Disease Control verifies that homosexuality much more likely leads to AIDS than smoking leads to cancer. And yet the entire nation has rejected smoking, billions of dollars are put into a trust fund to help cancer victims and the tobacco industry was held accountable for that. Any thoughts on that kind of an approach?”

Of course, LaBarbera liked that idea a lot. “Yeah I think that’s great. I would love to see it.” Because what would be better than declaring homosexuality illegal, and… what, throwing every gay person in jail, perhaps?


If you thought it couldn't get worse though, you would be wrong.

LaBarbera went on to say, “We always wanted to see one of the kids in high school who was counseled by the official school counselor to just be gay, then he comes down with HIV.”

Yes, he said that.

Even if it was a, “Hey, this would be an awesome marketing campaign thing” comment, it’s one hundred percent disgusting. This is a grown man who is a father saying that he “always wanted to see” a high school kid come down with AIDS.

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