As you all know American Woman is the United States not about a woman who is American. I am not sure if is intentional but the song America The Beautiful has a line “stand beside her and guide her”. American Woman open is “American Woman Stay Away From Me”. Both songs represent an idealized view of the US (ATB)  but also an underlying danger we at times represent to others and ourselves (AW). In my mind I connect the two songs as complimenting each other.

It is by Canadians,.an impronto song at a concert which had draft dodgers in the audience.

It was made in 1969 and quite obvious American Woman was America itself with the line “your war machines and ghetto scenes”.


I do not know why this nation is referred to as female. I am fairly certain all nations at least European nations do this which predates America The Beautiful, obviously.

in Trump’s America I am wonder if this song, original version will be popular again. I saw one comment referring to the song as the “other Canadian Anthem” not sure the validity. Politically.we are reaching a point where other countries will want nothing to do with us while Trump is in office. I suspect Chancellor Merkel. PM May and President Xi have to seriously be thinking this. Maybe even Canada although maybe not the oil industry.

The video discussing origin of song. Really short.

I am not sure why Lenny Kravitz at least through his video turned it into aong about a woman. American Woman is no more about a woman then America The Beautiful is. The song is about the nation.

Thoughts besides “dude you have way too much time on your hand”.