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A frightening example of the consequences of anti-abortion legislation. People who actually kill live babies have been sentenced with less, and her sentence was inherently contradictory - you cannot "neglect" a foetus born dead.

ETA: I was mean to Jez, they have reported on it. Soz.

ETA ETA: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH so I posted it on FB and I got this white guy response:

I never do these comments, so I am genuinely sorry. I've got no problem with the article as a whole (I don't know anything about the case so I can't comment), but she mentions the "anti-choice movement" more than once, and that annoys me. Debate on abortion has always had a pro-choice side and a pro-life side, and that's far more fair to both sides - pro-life supporters are (or should be) no more "anti-choice" than pro-choice supporters are "anti-life". I'm aware that pro-life campaigners often use horrible strategies, but it's far more likely that this is due to ignorance and desperation than malice.


Oh bugger off.

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