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America's Baby is Still on Twitter: UPDATE

Yes, the world's most important fetus is currently tweeting LIVE from the womb of his or her soon-to-be mother, Kim Kardashian. This is a monumental news event. For the first time ever, you can be part of history as America's Baby tweets his/her experience LIVE from the womb of 1/2 of the Most Important Celebrity Couple of Our Time.


My understanding at this point, from what my sources are telling me, is that America's Baby will indeed be live-tweeting his/her own birth. America's Baby will bring you non-stop live updates as he/she makes his/her way out of the birth canal and into a world of fame, glory, genius, and unrelenting fabulosity.


Here's a sampling thus far:


THIS IS BULLSHIT. Sonogram tech is not allowing me to have editorial approval on the final image. CALL MY AGENT NOW.


UGH you guys,take it from me. NEVER share a place with a placenta. They are total slobs & never refill the ice cube trays.



#americasbaby UPDATE My neonatologist says as I approach the end of my third trimester, you should expect me to tweet in ALL CAPS.


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