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America's Ugliest College Campuses

Every time someone makes a list like this, SUNY Purchase, the college that LaComtesse and I went to always makes the cut. It's a campus of brown brick that was apparently modeled after a school in Arizona. Hey! Lets make a school on a hill in Westchester based on a school with a very different climate! On very cold and windy days, pockets of wind would build up and blast you on your way to class! Fun! God help you on rainy days. Or icy days. And windows? What are those? It was a joke. We did have a lovely Henry Moore sculpture that people would literally sleep on until the administration wisely moved it. And we had fun. And we have a dorm called Fort Awesome.

Oh memories. I miss that place. I do not miss Dan Deacon trying to steal beer out of my fridge. I do not.


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