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Amhed Abdelbasit Case Why Is This Not A Major Story

When I read it my first thought was how Mike Flynn was going to kidnap Erdogen foe Cleric Gulen and send him to Turkey as a a favor to Erdogen.

Amhed is a teacher who was a prodemocracy activist who was sentenced to death in Egypt so fled to the US. ICE wants to send him back to be hung. I see this so akin to the Gulen case. Instead of kidnapping, Trump who is undoubtably wants to do a favor to Egypt for something in return (Trump Tower in Cairo?) is just using ICE to do this.

Trump’s base will cheer because to them a dead Muslim is a good Muslim plus his religious right base believe Muslims and Jews are going to Hell anyways they won’t care. I can picture Trump voters wanting to attend the execution just to satisfy their hate.


I hope a judge let’s him stay but I doubt it. ICE and Trump do not see a difference between immigrant and refugee. ICE will just see his death as something nothing to do with US and see it as a domestic Egyptian case.

This needs to be covered a lot more and to find out if Egyptian officials wanted him back and went through back channels to do this.

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