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Amish family flees US to "protect" daughter from live-saving chemotherapy

*Sigh* Parents of a 10-year old girl suffering from leukaemia have fled their Amish community in Ohio, and even the US at one point, to keep her from court-ordered chemotherapy.

After being diagnosed with an aggressive non-Hodgkins lymphoma early this year, Sarah Hershberger underwent a first round of chemo in the spring, but her parents decided to cut short her second round in June ("after a great deal of prayer") at the urging of their daughter as she suffered from the side-effects of the treatment. They've chosen instead to treat her illness with "herbs and vitamins".

In October, the state appeals court appointed a limited guardian with the power to make medical decisions on Sarah's behalf, after her doctors testified that she could die within a year if treatment doesn't resume. Days before the decision, the family had already fled Ohio, and at one point left the country entirely, while they appeal the decision. Their cause is being championed by attorney Maurice Thomson, leader of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, a - yup, you guessed it - libertarian legal think tank, who claims that this is a case of the state "trampling" on the rights of parents.


I, for one, am so bloody tired of this crap. All this "prayer medicine" voodoo masquerading as a fundamental "right" of parents, the anti-vaccine monsters who would rather their kids get sick and die than admit that, sometimes, medical professionals with years and years of training and education might know a teensy-bit more than random internet pages.

I hope Sarah's parents see some sense and let her have the treatment she needs, or else the court compels them to do so.

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