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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The most powerful love potion in the world, it's rumoured to smell differently to each person according to what attracts them.


What would amortentia smell like to you? And, if you're in a sharing mood, let us know why as well! I'm sure there are some stories in there :)

For me it would have to be:

old spice
fried onions and garlic
and (to rip one from Hermione's book), freshly mown grass


Some of my smells are obvious in their awesome (who doesn't love the smell of rain or home cooked comfort food?), but some have a story behind them. My father was an odd-job guy for the entirety of my childhood and one of the jobs he did was mow the grass at various apartment buildings in our neighbourhood. I loved sitting in the front of the mower with him when I was little and the smell of cut grass always reminds me of that. Also, my first love wore old spice deodorant so it's pretty much my kryptonite, but don't tell anyone because it can be used against me quite easily.

So share with us: what smells make you all sentimental?

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