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almost there, y’all! how are you doing? last night my parents kept ny for my sister, so we all had fun hanging out with her. she is a ball of love and joy and excitement.

so this morning, i got up and i was in the bathroom and i heard mom come upstairs and ny was following her, so i was like, ‘hey you need to get in?’ and she said yes but she’d wait and i heard her keep down the hall to the bedroom, and then ny busts in on me and goes, “hi! hi!... bye!’

then when i was about to leave for work, i was putting my scarf on while ny was coming down the stairs and she stopped and gasped and put her hand on her mouth and said, ‘OH TIA PRETTY!!!’


she’s a hoot. so yeah, that was my morning! other than that i have a dentist appointment this afternoon, and then this evening, two of my coworkers (they have a band called HERA, they are on fb - check them out) are playing at my fave local winery. me and some coworkers are gonna go see them, which also works out because it’s super close to home for me. i’m stoked!

what’s on the agenda for you lovelies today?

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