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Apparently this is a thing

We have come to a point in time where it's acceptable to admit that you pair a pair (or more) of fictional characters together. And as much as I love the idea of it, I can't behind it. Maybe it's the fact that I don't fully support any of the pairings listed or maybe it feels unfair that the types of things that I would get teased about are now popular. Any little thing can suddenly bring back old pains and memories always persist. And the constant realization that the social anxiety I have stem from these events is jarring. But I think that it is necessary to at least acknowledge the existence of these pains.


Realizing these pains in the midst of Destiel is too weird so please list the pairing you want to win and the one you think will win in the comments to make my first post here less awkward please

ETA: DOCTOR WHO got beaten by TEEN WOLF for best fandom.. BS!

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